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Pools are the first choice for public entities ready to control their risks and collectively improve their position in the insurance marketplace. Some commercial coverages can also be pooled. Willis Pooling specializes exclusively in pools with a comprehensive array of services including:

  • Brokerage
  • Program design
  • Innovative products and programs
  • Sales and marketing
  • Loss control
  • Staff and board assistance
  • Financial forecasting
  • Underwriting


Willis Pooling Practice

Pooling Risk Control Bulletins

Risk Control Bulletin - Are You Ready for GHS?
Risk Control Bulletin - Respiratory Protection: Fit Testing
Risk Control Bulletin - Respiratory Protection: Fit Testing
Changing Rules on Vehicular Searches
Second Impact Syndrome (SIS): Rare but Fatal
High-Visibility Safety Apparel
Welding & Cutting Safety
Racial Discrimination: The New Risk in Educators’ Professional Liability?
COOP: Continuity of Operations Planning for Public Entities
The Fatigue Factor
Disaster Recovery and Clean Up
OSHA Unveils New Flood and Tornado Cleanup and Recovery Web Page
Lightning: The Underrated Killer
Requirements for First Aid Kits
Risk Control Bulletin - School Security
Key Elements of an Effective Fire Safety Program
A Guide to OSHA Recordkeeping
The Use of Pepper Spray in Schools
Data Security
A Risk Management Approach to Staph and MRSA Exposures
Avoiding Deer-Vehicle Collisions
Keeping Healthy People Healthy
MRSA in Healthcare Settings
OSHA Issues Final PPE Rule
School Chemistry Laboratory Safety Guide
What You Should Know About Staph and MRSA
Work Zone Visibility
You and the Holidays

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